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Community Life
Field Ministry
  1. All full time students are required to be involved in some form of supervised ministry (normally on weekends). Pastor and the students make arrangements for service that are clear and mutually agreeable. PPBS recommend pastors to not overload students in their weekend service because of their heavy study workload during the week.

  2. 1.1. All students must attend a worship service every Sunday.
    1.2. Students in Year 1 must must be involved in some church activities (for example: helping Sunday School children, leading youth groups, or participation in the music and worship part of the service in some way, at least 2 times per month.
    1.3. Students in 2nd Year onwards must take part in the teaching program of the church with children, youth, or 2-4 times per month or preaching 1-2 times per month).
  3. Ministry exposure trips are compulsory for all students and are led by Faculty members as they minister in a church for 4-5 days as a group. Students gain experience in many different types ministries as they are exposed to different churches. Such ministry opportunities, offered every other year, also encourage the pastor church members.