Message from the Principal

As you may have been aware of, education has never been more important than today, both for the general community and for Christians. Nowadays, in Cambodia enormous opportunities exist for all Christians to assist as well as to cultivate schools both directly and indirectly, and through Christian institutions many lives of young people are shaped and transformed. We always praise God for his grace, especially for opening the gate of Cambodia for the Gospel to penetrate into Cambodian people through many ways, remarkably through such educational institution like Phnom Penh Bible School, specifically, through teaching ministry as to fulfil his Great Commission (Mat. 28:18-20), because education is one of the most fundamental aspects of church life.

In the OT, the purpose of teaching was that Israel might learn to obey God’s law so that their distinctive position as the people of God would be evident and God would be glorified. The book of Deuteronomy, for example, repeatedly makes this point. In Deuteronomy 4:5-10, Moses proclaims the importance of discipleship, teaching people to obey. Here Moses was concerned that the generations to follow would be taught what he was teaching to the people; this communication involved memory and observance. However, to teach and share of knowledge was not enough; the people had to “follow them” (vv.1, 5, 13-14) and “observe them carefully” (v.6), which means that active obedience was essential to the teaching of the words of God.

One of the reasons why PPBS exists is be a school that seeks to faithfully teach the Words of God with sound doctrines. We also work hard to teach students to become active obedient, through the ministry of teaching and preaching of His Words, and with a strong desire do we want to see the impact of our graduates on the local churches. Therefore, if you feel God’s calling, come to learn and share with us. We are prayerful and thankful for your partnership in the Gospel for the sake of His kingdom.

In Christ,
Vuthy Son
PPBS Principal