New Student

Applicants Must:

-Graduates of other institutions will be considered on a case by case basis (transcripts to be submitted with application)

Specific Requirements for:
1. Bachelor of Christian Ministries (BCM)
Associate Degree in Christian Ministry (ADCM)
2. Applicants to Year 4 Bachelor in Christian Ministry (BCM)
Must be in one of the following categories: DCM graduates from before year 2006 will not be automatically admitted and will need to pass the following entrance tests:

Diploma and higher level graduates from other Christian institutions together with 12 years high school will be considered on a case by case basis as their transcripts submitted with the application will be examined.

Submit the Following Items to Apply
3. Extension Education Program (EE)
Procedure for Application
  1. Obtain application form (fee of US$1 non-refundable) from the Registrar or website.
  2. Fill out and return the form by 30thAugust 2012. Follow all instructions for completing the form and preparation of testimonies and references.
  3. Phone in to check the results of the application on 31st August 2012. If accepted, sit for a test and interview on 3rd - 6th September 2012.
  4. Check the results of test and interview at the school on 7th September 2012.
  5. If successful, register and pay Enrolment and Student Card Fees (US$2) between 11th - 12th September 2012.