1. Application and Registration Fees
a. Application Form US$ 0.50 Only for new applicant
b. Enrolment & Registration Fee US$ 2.50 For all students
2. Tuition Fee
a. Full-time student
i. BCM/ADCM US$ 280 per year
  US$ 140 per semester
  US$ 29.50 per month
b. Part-time student (BCM/ADCM)
i. 6. credit hour course US$ 55.50
ii. 4. credit hour course US$ 37.00
iii. 3. credit hour course US$ 27.50
iv. 2. credit hour course US$ 19.00
c. Audition fee
i.Local student US$ 25.00 per course
ii.International student US$ 50.00 per course
3. Miscellaneous fee (use of internet, library, sports equipment, etc.)
a. For full-time student only US$ 10.00 per year
4. School Activity Fee (for full-time student only)
a. Small Group US$ 10.00 per year
b. Khmer New Year celebration US$ 2.50 per year
c. Class Retreat US$ 17.00 per year (Only for Year 4 student)
5. Extra-Curricular Course fee( Optional-only for student who enroll in this elective course)
a. Depend on the course US$ 1.00 - 5.00 per course
6. Dormitory fee (only for student who stay in campus)
a. Fee per year US$ 110.00
b. Fee per semester US$ 55.00
c. Fee per month US$ 12.00
* Stay during school- break per month US$ 22.00
7. Graduation Fee (only for graduating student)
a. BCM US$ 10.00
b. ADCM US$ 8.00
8. Other Fees
a. Transcript US$ 3.00 Upon request only
b. Verification letter US$ 3.00 Upon request only
c. Overdue library book fee 800 riels per book / per day
d. Printing/photocopy 100 riels per copy
e. Replacement of student ID Card US$ 2.50
9. Other costs consideration for student and their supporter
a. Book Allowance US$ 8.00 per month
b. Pocket Allowance US$ 22.00 per month
c. Meals US$ 3.25 per day
d. Transport for ministry US$ 25 ~ US$ 35 per month (within PhnomPenh
10. Late Payment fees (Additional)
a. Enrolment & Registration fee US$ 2.50
b. Tuition fee **
i. By semester US$ 14.50
ii. By month US$ 3.00
c. Dorm fee **
i. By semester US$ 5.50
ii. By month US$ 2.00

** No need to pay if request for deferment is submitted before 2nd week academic year / month starts.

11. Refundable Fee Policy ( only for Tuition & Dorm fee, all other fees not applicable)

a. If pay by semester, fee paid is 90 % refundable if request is made before one month class starts. After one month, fee is non-refundable.

b. If pay by month, fee paid is non- refundable.

12. One-time Discount fee of 5 % only for 1st semester tuition fee is available under these conditions

a. If two or more students enroll together and they are under the same supporting church pastor and also from the same (not-affiliated) church congregation. And if they enroll for the 1st time enrolment and for full-time study only.