Academic Programs

Core program :

Bachelor in Christian Ministry (BCM)& Bachelor of Theology (BTh)

An academic training course for pastors, church workers, or Bible teachers in churches and Christian organizations. It requires 4 years of full time study, participation in field ministry, and proven Christian character. The study guides the students to increase their ministry skills and allows them to grow in the areas of Church Ministry, Christian Education and Theology. Students are to enrole for their majors, whether BCM or BTh at the commencement of year 4. BTh students have to study Biblical languages, namely, Greek and Hebrew.

Associate Degree in Christian Ministry (ADCM)

ADCM requires fulfillment of the first 2 years of BCM either through full-time or part-time study. The ADCM offers adequate training for church or Christian organization positions requiring a good knowledge of the Bible and some ministry skills. It is especially suitable for mature-aged students who may not afford 4 years of full time study.

Extension Education Program (EEP)

EEP provides teaching outside PPBS’ campus. Focusing on Bible leaning EEP provides opportunities for Christians to study God’s Word in their provincial area.

Year 1
Credit Hours Credit Hours
1st Semester 17 2nd Semester 21
Genesis - Deuteronomy 3 Joshua - Song of Songs 3
Genesis 3 Romans - James 3
Mathew - Acts 3 Hebrews 3
Christian Spiritual Formation 2 Evangelism & Evangelistic Methods 2
English 6 General Church History 3
Music and Voice 1
English 6
Year 2
1st Semester 19 2nd Semester 20
Knowledge of God (Revelation-God and World) 3 Deuteronomy 3
Isaiah - Malachi 3 Humanity and Sin 3
Principles of Christian Education 3 1Peter - Revelation 3
Asian Church History 3 Hermeneutics II 3
Hermeneutics I 3 Children and Youth Ministry 3
English 4 Music and Voice 1
English 4
Year 3
1st Semester 18 2nd Semester 21
Isaiah 3 Romans 3
John 3 Doctrine of Church, Holy Spirit and Escatology 3
Doctrine of Christ and Salvation 3 Church Administration & Finance 3
Biblical Theology 3 Church for Society 2
Religions in Cambodia 2 Church Worship and Liturgy 3
English 4 Homiletics I 3
English 4
Year 4
1st Semester 18 2nd Semester 18
Introduction: Wisdom Books & Job 3 Ezekiel and Daniel 3
Mission and Culture 3 Church Planting and Church Growth 3
2 Corinthians 3 Pastoral Care 3
Homiletics II 3 Biblical Leadership 3
Biblical Counselling 3 Prison Epistles 3
Christian Ethics 3 Christian Marriage and Family 3
Extra Curricula Subjects

The following subjects are extra curricula which are offered to all PPBS students to further enable them to serve God better in their churches according to their gifts and talents:

  1. Computer training (taught by Khmer professionals) includes training in Microsoft Office and other programs such as PowerPoint, Publisher and Photoshop. Computers are available in the library for students to not only learn computer skills but also to do their assignments and papers. Computer training gives students valuable skills for their ministry and other work experiences.
  2. Musical Instruments (taught by Khmer Music Professionals) includes learning to play keyboard by learning to read musical notes in order to enhance the music program in their churches.
  3. Voice (taught by a foreign music professionals) trains students to use their voices as they learn to read music and learn techniques of singing, enabling them not only to lead singing in the churches but to teach music also.
  4. *** The arrangement of subjects is subject to change.