The signing of the Paris Peace Agreement on 23rd October 1991 opened the doors of Cambodia to the world after years of internal turmoil. Opportunities for spreading the Gospel abounded and many congregations were formed or regrouped from remnants of the pre-1975 faithful.

To meet the growing pastoral needs of the Church in Cambodia, Phnom Penh Bible School was founded by the late Daniel Yee-Wah Lam (preaching at left) with support from many Khmer believers and Christian organizations. After much negotiation with the Cambodian government, PPBS was officially recognized by the government on 16th March 1992.

PPBS now offer a two year associate degree and a four year Bachelor degree in Christian Ministry. Over 200 graduates are presently serving in Cambodia.

PPBS is faithfully supported and encouraged by many churches and Christians from several countries. Its main supporting organisation is Country Network (CN), a voluntary, non-denominational organisation that was begun by Daniel Lam, who was also the founder of Phnom Penh Bible School.